2014 Named Year of the NYC Child

Local 205 Treasurer Li Jung Chan accepts her award for her union and community activism regarding child care.

NYS Independent Democrats Honor Local 205’s Li Jung Chan

When Mayor Bill de Blasio campaigned in the fall of 2013 for his position, he put early childhood education in the forefront. He easily won the Democratic primary and the general election, in large part due to his progressive agenda and his push to accelerate NYC early childhood education, departing from the twelve years of anti-child, anti-poor and working family, and anti-union policies of former Mayor Bloomberg.

Early childhood education and predominately Universal Pre-Kindergarten has been at the top of his agenda and through it he has been able to draw in elected officials across the state and in the city.

Senators Jeffery Klein and Diane Savino held a rally in downtown Manhattan at the University Settlement Day Care Center not only to discuss the $30 million that was won for Universal Pre-Kindergarten but an additional $25 million in funding for child care subsidies.

Local 205 Treasurer Li Jung Chan also received a proclamation from the state honoring her for her union and child care activism.

Local 205 President Mabel Everett said, “To celebrate 2014 as the Year of the New York City Child is a dream that has been needed for a very long time. After 20 years of anti-parent, anti-child, anti-union city administrations, it is a welcome relief to be surrounded by elected officials who indeed understand that the future of New York City lies in our children being nurtured and educated.”

“Our priorities for our children are being reset. I want to personally thank Senators Jeff Klein and Diane Savino for their persistence and their resolute thinking that our children must not be afterthoughts, but at the top of everyone’s agenda.”


“Our children must grow and prosper in a new environment – competing against the world for education, jobs, and a chance for successful and fulfilled lives,” Everett concluded.