End Workplace Violence with DC 1707!

For 8 long years, DC 1707, AFSCME, and our brothers and sisters in labor fought tirelessly for our elected officials to approve this legislation. As of November 11th the Governor can finally put an end to the countless attacks directed at our members in direct care as they provide indispensable services to New York's most vulnerable the sick and elderly.

S5130 will expand on current law which mandates that all public employers create and maintain the following:
· Employers are responsible for identifying any and all potential risks or threats of violence or unwarranted assault in the workplace
· Employers must develop a plan to address the potential risks of violence in the workplace and train employees on the logistics of the prevention and reporting plan.

Public Employees are protected under current workplace violence laws that have effectively addressed and in some cases eradicated the potential for violence in the workplace. Not only has this law preserved quality of life but has saved lives all together. S5130 expands on these protections to include non-profit workers which directly benefits thousands of our members.

Now I ask for your help…

In order to ensure the passage of this legislation, DC 1707 has prepared an online and telephone campaign to share OUR voices of support with the Governor’s office. I ask that you call 1-888-800-1641 which after a short message, will connect you to the Governor’s office. Once you are connected with a representative, I encourage you to follow the script which is attached. The script is for your information about the bill, but you are not required to follow it word-for-word.

What’s important is that you express your support for the Workplace Violence Prevention bill and I strongly believe the script can be useful. I also ask that you write a letter to Governor Cuomo directly stating your support for the bill. By clicking on this link (Click here to send a letter to the Governor!) you will be connected to DC 1707’s Action Network page which will provide instructions on how to submit an electronic letter to the Governor.

I thank you for your courageous support for our brothers and sisters in the direct care industry! Let's end workplace violence for our members!

In solidarity,

Victoria Mitchell
Executive Director DC 1707