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Latino Committee

The DC 1707 Latino Committee is comprised of members who share a Latino heritage. The emphasis is to promote issues of concern to the Latino community and to promote solidarity among the DC 1707 membership.

In addition, the Committee holds social functions throughout the year. Many members are also active in the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement.

For more information, contact Rafael Sencion at 646-527-6608 or rsencion@dc1707.net

Political Action Committee

DC 1707, through its political action committee, has developed a reputation as one of the most active and effect unions in the political and legislative arena. Conferences attract scores of members who attend workshops and hear presentations from numerous leaders from the political and civic arenas.

Many of the participants are members of the Political Action Committee which organizes mobilizations, meetings and lobbying efforts. It also screens aspirants for political office and makes recommendations to the Council’s leadership.

The Council has worked with allies and advocates, management and other unions to draft and advance legislation in its various areas of concern. The Council frequently offers testimony before committees of the City Council and State Legislature.

For more information, contact G.L. Tyler at 646-527-6640 or GLT1422@aol.com

Women's Committee

The Women’s Committee of DC 1707 is comprised of members throughout all the locals. This committee focuses on issues of particular concern to female members.

It holds meetings on a regular basis and includes a special event during the month of March – Women’s History Month. Many members also hold membership in the national Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW).

For more information, contact Linda McPherson at 917-843-8990 or mcpherson37@msn.com

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