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Head Start Employees – More than 2,000 Head Start employees, who work at more than 200 centers throughout New York City and Long Island, are members of DC 1707. This program has been the nation’s premier early childhood education program. Read more >>>

National Membership and Fundraising Organizations – These agencies advocate and raise funds for diverse causes. Many are devoted to supporting the State of Israel and the fight against anti-Semitism. Read more >>>

Day Care Employees – Since its founding and signing its first contract in 1967, this local’s 6000 members work in more than 350 child care centers located throughout New York City. Read more >>>

Social Service Employees – includes the casework and group work agencies throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. Read more >>>

Education Employees – Local 253 represents members in teaching and related organization. Institutions such as the Association for the Help of Retarded Children are praised for their exceptional programs and services performed. Non-faculty employees at Bank Street College and staff at the Institute for International Education are members of this local. Read more >>>

Home Care Employees – Home care employees continue to be the fast growing local within the DC 1707 family. Read more >>>

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