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Kim Medina elected as the New DC 1707 Executive Director!

Executive Director Kim Medina, President Linda McPherson and Treasurer Larry Barton being sworn-in by AFSCME Area Field Service Director John English.

                                                   New Leadership at District Council 1707!


The Secretary’s position is unfilled because the Council will have a run-off for the position since none of the three candidates won fifty percent of the ballots submitted. The run-off will be decided in the near future with ballots supervised and counted by the American Arbitration Association.

The two top vote-getters Deborah Blowe of United Members Fightback and Linda Lee Bryant of the Union Strong Slate will be on the ballot. The third candidate in the race was the incumbent and Local 107 President Carmen Rivera who will retain the position until the runoff election. She ran as an independent.

Medina, who hails from a union family, was cogent as she expressed that the leadership of the Council needed a wake-up call that reverberated through the union. She insists that the new administration will focus on member needs and will be more attentive to members concerns.

Medina is a 30-year veteran of the union who worked for The Association for the Help of Retarded Children (AHRC) as a Community Support Professional. She was President of the Council from XXXX to 2014 when she was defeated by Lorraine Guest who lost her bid for re-election. She was currently the President of the Teaching Related Organizations Local 253. The new president of Local 253 will be Carolyn Washington.

Medina, McPherson and Barton were sworn-in by NYS AFSCME Area Field Services Director John English who congratulated them

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