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Local 95

 LOCAL 95 – Head Start Employees – More than 2,000 Head Start employees, who work at more than 200 centers throughout New York City and Long Island, are members of DC 1707. This program has been the nation’s premier early childhood education program.
Rather than concentrating solely on the child, Head Start focuses on the whole family, making sure that parents receive help with a wide range of family needs from housing to employment to parenting education. This pioneering education program has earned the respect and support from all sectors of U.S. society – Democrats and Republicans, business and labor.

Yet, despite the program’s proven record of success, most Head Start workers throughout the country are paid close to the minimum wage. However, because of its strength and organization, Local 95 members are among the best compensated Head Start employees in the nation. This local, for example, has successfully negotiated for a pension plan for its members with full credit for back service. This victory and other gains at the bargaining table have shown others the benefits of joining a union.

Local Officers

Carolyn Cox, President

Kim Milton, Vice President

Linda Bryant, Secretary

Cheryl Watkins, Treasurer

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