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President of District Council 1707, Linda McPherson

Linda McPherson, the President of the Council, likes to say that she had a tranfusion of trade unionism when she reached New York as a young woman. Originally from Georgetown, Guyana, she traveled to Chicago where she attended beauty school and worked as a beautician for ten years.

Upon arrival to New York City, she sent her daughter to the Medgar Evers Head Start in Brooklyn and was challeged to join the staff as a family worker. She has worked at the Medgar Evers Head Start Center for 19 years and subsequently earned a promotion to Family Service Coordinator. Her daughter, by the way, now works in Harlem at a child care center.

 She has been active in the union with her local and has been a Member-at-large until she was elected to become Treasurer of Local 95. She held that positin until she ran for council treasurer.

She attended the AFSCME leadership Academy, several International Conventions and believes that all members should attend rallies and demonstrations sponsored by their locals and the council.

She also believes in growing the union. Linda McPherson has participated in a union organzing campaign some years ago organizing an election at a social service center that cares for the mentally challenged. She found the experience exhilarating.

"I believe in organizing new members. Workers deserve better lives and you cannot get it until you join a union like DC 1707," she said.

When her employer terminated her for her union activities, she filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board and she won her case for back pay and reinstatement.

"Become a Volunteer Member Organizer (VMO), said McPherson. "Reach out to workers who need unions and demonstrate to them that unions really matter for all workers."

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