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Vice President of National Membership and Fundraising Organizations Employees Local 107, Zenzele Scott

Zenzele Scott is the Vice President of Local 107. The National Membership and Fundraising Organization Employees local boasts that its members were among the first organized by local 1707 which later emerged as District Council 1707. The local's charter was signed in 1974 but the local was active years before as well.

She has proudly stated that she was born and raised in Harlem. She also attended Evander Childs High School and later attended Hunter College. She has been employed as a legal secretary for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund for the past fifteen years. She considers her job important and the work of the organization, protecting the historic civil rights of Americans, a fulfilling responsibility.

She has stated that her primary reason for being involved within the union was to understand what was being done with the union dues. She attended union meetings and gradually understood the necessity of the union for its members. She became involved and eventually ran for office and was elected to join the board of the local.

Zenzele Scott said, "I encourage all members to get more involved in the union. Understand what the union does for us to protect our contracts, save our jobs during crisis and fight to expand rights for working families."

She has an active social life and a part-time career as an actor. She has appeared in several productions including Mississippi Delta, Flying West and also an episode for the television series Law and Order.

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