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Executive Director Kim Medina

 Kim Medina was born and educated in the Bronx. The child of a Chief shop steward in the District Council of Carpenters, she learned trade unionism as a child and it never left her. Her grandfather helped organize the Hispanic Postal Asssociation in New York in the late 1920's, a precursor of today's postal unions. She is currently the President of the Teaching and Related Organizations Local 253 of District Council 1707, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

 She has worked at AHRC at Betty Pendler New York League Work Center since November 16, 1987. She is a Community Support Professional and she takes pride in assisting mild to moderately disabled adults in an adults day program.

She fights hard for the rights of direct care givers. She is active in pushing for better state mandates for direct care workers and for disabled adults. She is actively lobbying for greater workplace safety provisions with the New York State Legislature.

She is the outspoken voice for direct care workers and their clients whether unionized or not. President of Local 253 since 1996, she believes that her goal is to advocate better wages and conditions for these invisible and ignored workers.

Kim Medina is also a member of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Latin Council for Latin American Advancement and has been a member of the District Council 1707 Executive Board for fourteen years. She is a member of the AFSCME International Women's Affair Committee, the AFSCME International Convention Judicial Affairs Committee and is a trustee to the District Council 1707 Health and Welfare Fund. She is the Youth Coordinator of the Church of God's Children in Co-op City and the coach of the church's youth Step and Flag Team.

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