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Local 205

Day Care Employees – Since its founding and signing its first contract in 1967, this local’s 6000 members work in more than 350 child care centers located throughout New York City.

This local has been the bulwark for quality affordable child care. Day care members, through their dedication and expertise, have elevated the New York system into a showcase for the nation. Day care advocates cite New York’s system as an example of the advantages of unionized child care.

Few locals in the city can boast of a comparable record of legislative/political mobilization. Demonstrations by Local 205 members have numbered in the thousands as members as well as parents have never failed to respond to threats against the day care system. This mobilization has won legislation and increased funding throughout the state. Members were instrumental also in securing passage of the Act for Better Child Care which increased federal spending and resources for child care throughout the nation.


Local Officers

Robert Ramos, President

Thelma Richards, Treasurer

Betty Mendez, Secretary

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