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SER Rejects State Employee Contracts

 The 6-4 vote was along strict party lines, with Republicans voting to reject the two-year contract. It would have covered nearly 30,000 state workers represented by AFSCME Council 5 and MAPE.

"State employees negotiated a fair return on their work," says Eliot Seide, executive director of AFSCME Council 5, the union that represents 15,504 workers harmed by the decision. "Under this new contract, we should receive a 2 percent raise this year and 2.25 percent next year. Our wages and benefits are in line with the private sector. It's a fair deal for state workers and Minnesota taxpayers."

"We're tired of being pawns in a political game where Republicans think they can score points by beating up on hardworking people,” Seide says. “They reject our contracts while they approve massive tax breaks for corporations and their wealthy cronies. Shame on them."

AFSCME members had approved their contract with 95 percent of the vote, while MAPE had 98 percent. The two-year deal also included step increases; a pilot program for people with diabetes; improved dental care; and six weeks of paid parental leave.

With the SER vote, state workers in AFSCME’s multi-unit will keep working under the terms of their current contract until the Legislature acts next year.

SER has not acted on a separate contract that would cover 2,000 AFSCME corrections staff that work in state prisons.

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