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Local 1397 Members are strongly encouraged to attend School Board meetings. Print a PDF copy from below.

Superior schools deal with brutal budget cuts, more to come Recent budget cuts have been brutal, according to Janna Stevens, district administrator of the Superior School District. By: Maria Lockwood, Superior Telegram

Walker recall effort says 300,000 signatures in Organizers of the effort to recall Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker from office said Monday they have collected 300,000 signatures, more than half of what is needed to force an election. By: Scott Bauer, Associated Press, Superior Telegram

Superior Local 1397 Newsletter February 2009

February 2009

Union meetings are held the third Monday of the month at 4:30 at SMS in room B139, September - May. If you have an item that you would like put on the agenda, please call Pres. Randy Berndt (715-398-3613), V. Pres. Sally Thompson (715-399-2714) or Recording Sec. Stephanie Evans (715-398-9673) and they will see that it gets put on the agenda. You can also contact any officer or steward regarding any concern you may have. We care about every concern and opinion. Attendance at our union meeting is on the upswing - please know that you, too, are welcome to come. Come in the main entrance at SMS and go down the hallway to the right. Room B139 is midway down that hall.

There are few things we'd like to remind everyone about:
• Regarding punching in and out on the time clock: If you want to change your 4-digit pin number from the last four digits of your SSN to another number of your choice, please contact Cheryl Downs at 394-8719 to make an appointment to do so.
• Email: use caution in what you say. Emails never go away. Treat any email like it will appear on the front page of a newspaper. Remember that if you would like to email any of the Executive Board, you may reach them at Please put Attn: and the name of the member you would like to communicate with in the subject line.
• Check Stubs: Check your paycheck stub to make sure it is correct (i.e., deduction/sick leave/personal leave days. If there are any questions, contact Cheryl Downs, 394-8719.
• Dues: Dues went up again at the National and State levels. Full-time increased by $1.50 per month; part-time by $1.05 per month; and special part-time $ .75 per month. We are no happier about it than you are. Once again, your local level is receiving no increase. Effective 2010, increases will be determined by what your income is rather than by how many hours you work. A letter has been sent to the National and State levels by our union asking them to review their budges in an effort to determine ways to curtail their costs. At the January 19 meeting it was voted on and passed that dues be increased by the following amounts, Effective March 1, 2009.
+20 hrs. w/medical – from $36.00 to $37.50/mo (raised $1.50)
+20 hrs. w/o medical – from $34.00 to $35.50/mo (raised $1.50)
12 – 20 hrs. – from $25.25 to $26.30/mo (raised $1.05)
< 12 hrs. – from $16.75 to $17.50/mo (raised $ .75)

• We feel it is important to print the card we asked you to cut out, laminate and carry in your wallet. If you are ever asked to meet with a supervisor, please don’t go alone. If at any time you feel uncomfortable about what is going on or being said, pull out your card and read this statement.

If this meeting could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated
or cause an effect on my personal working conditions, I respectfully request
that my Union Representative, Officer, or Steward be present at this meeting.
Without representation present I choose not to participate in this discussion.
Cut out on dotted lines

We hope that you are visiting our website… This is a valuable resource to help you stay connected with your Local 1397 union and happenings within AFSCME Council 40. The address is:

All AFSCME Local 1397 represented employees of the School District of Superior are encouraged to register. To gain maximum access to the Website and Forum you must be a Member in good standing of AFSCME Local 1397. The level of access for other represented employees will be dependent on whether you pay union dues or not. Once you have logged on to the site, click on REGISTER, and fill out the required information. Once you have registered you’ll have access to information such as the newsletter, meeting agendas and minutes, meeting schedules and calendar, links to AFSCME News and Events, and much more. You only need to register once. Make sure to record your username and password so that every time you visit the site you will click LOGIN and enter that information. You will even be able to email your officers – there is a link on the website on the Officers and Stewards page, or you can copy this address:

We encourage you to explore the site and check back regularly for updated information. We also encourage you to explore the web links and AFSCME News & Events sections. Be an informed union member!

We trust that your 2008-2009 year is going smoothly. Can you believe we’re over half way through the school year already?

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