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Employee Legal Rights

Sometimes issues arise which will require the assistance of an attorney. Council 40 has established a relationship with law firms who have specialized knowledge on these issues which effect our members Read more >>>

Launch of Garrity Rights Web Site

"Garrity Rights" protect public employees from being compelled to incriminate themselves during investigatory interviews conducted by their employers. Even under the new legal framework in Wisconsin, public employees still have Garrity Rights.

In April 2011, faculty member Don Taylor launched a comprehensive web site devoted to helping public employees understand these rights:

The web site includes the basics of Garrity Rights, frequently asked questions, summaries of key Garrity-related court decisions, and much more.

Public sector unions interested in training about Garrity Rights should contact Don by email or at (608) 262-9849.

The “Loudermill” hearing is part of the "due process" requirement that must be provided to a government employee prior to removing or impacting the employment property right (e.g. imposing severe discipline). The purpose of a "Loudermill hearing" is to provide an employee an opportunity to present his side of the story before the employer makes a decision on discipline. Prior to the hearing, the employee must be given a Loudermill letter -- i.e. specific written notice of the charges and an explanation of the employer's evidence so that the employee can provide a meaningful response and an opportunity to correct factual mistakes in the investigation and to address the type of discipline being considered. (read more)

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