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A Dane County judge has ruled many of the provisions of Wis Act 10 unconsititutional. The judge found that certain provisions of the act violate the free speech, freedom of association and equal protection clauses. Read more >>>

You need to review this information because the foundation of the WRS and work-based pension is under attack.

The goals of this presentation are:

1. To present facts about the WRS and bolster your understanding of why the WRS is key to your retirement security and the economic security of Wisconsin;

2. To call your attention to efforts that threaten the longterm stability of the WRS;

3. To help you understand what a defined benefit pension is, and why the GOP wants to take it away from you;

4. To explain what AFSCME is doing to lead the fight back and how you can become involved.

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The state Senate will meet August 1 to vote for the second time on legislation to extend benefits to jobless workers. This time, they are expected to pass the bill without the “surprise” amendment that caused a rift between the two GOP-controlled houses and the Walker Administration. Read more >>>

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Check this list for activities in your community

If you can't make to Madison you can participate in activites in your own community. Check here to see if there are any currently scheduled. (read more)

If you are planning activities in your community let us know at

Here are some guidelines to follow if you are planning public demonstrations or picketing of legislators’ homes:
1.Notify local law enforcement of your plans and make sure you follow whatever reasonable guidelines they request. Better for law enforcement to know what we are doing and why before getting misleading calls from irate neighbors or businesses.
2.Make sure you stay on public property and sidewalks.
3.Do not obstruct driveways, entrances to businesses, or disrupt traffic on streets. This will guarantee police intervention.
4.Have a picketline captain present at all times in charge of maintaining order and all discussions with police or anyone complaining.
5.Be vocal but civil and peaceful. The opposition will use any violence to discredit us and divert attention from our message.
6.If anyone is arrested, contact me on my cell (608)770-6666 and I will arrange for local legal representation.
7.If local law enforcement is imposing unreasonable restrictions designed to prevent the action, politely work your way up the line of authority and if that fails call me.

We’ve developed this timeline based on legislative tradition over the last two decades, although it may be somewhat different this year. Nevertheless, the timeline may be helpful to understand what’s next at the Capitol and with the upcoming state budget cycle. Please note that the date for the annual AFSCME “Lobby Day” has not yet been determined, but is likely to be sometime this winter/spring.

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