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Local 1397 Special Meeting 12-10-11

Key Points
from Special Meeting of Local 1397
December 10, 2011

A special meeting was called by Local 1397 Pres. Randy Berndt on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 9am, at Superior Middle School Cafetorium to inform members of Local 1397 of the changes that will take place July 1, 2012 when the working contract between Local 1397 and the School District of Superior expires. An Employee Handbook will take the place of the working contract. Key points from the meeting are presented here by Vice Pres., Sally Thompson. Page, Article and Section references are to the draft of the employee handbook reviewed by the Labor Management committee members.

Pay Steps – Salary

  • The goal is to maintain the status quo.
  • #4: Supervision process will include evaluations done by supervisors. Currently they are supposed to be done every three years, but this will need to be improved upon. If there are no supervision documents there will be no wage freeze.
  • Attorney Knutson said people’s wages have been frozen in the past – primarily for probationary employees. Steps are for new hires, too. Longevity will continue for current employees, but will not be given for new employees starting July 1, 2012.
  • P9 #4 & 6: Question was asked if Library Assistants, School Assistants, and Bus Drivers will get steps now as others do. Answer was no, nothing will change there.
  • There should be incentive pay or a stipend for training or improving job qualifications per Jack Amadio’s thinking. This is being looked at.
  • No program has been developed to help get additional training.
  • P5 Sec 2 Article 2: It is expected there will still be differential pay for working the evening shift.
  • Old Page 4E: Subbing in a higher paying position gets higher pay and subbing a lower paying job the employee will still get their regular pay scale.
  • OT will be after 40 hours/week rather than 8 hours/day per the Fair Labor Standard.
  • It looks like the pay scale will be per current contract except for lift bus drivers.


  • The School Board will want more flexibility on bumping.
  • Seniority will not be the only determining factor in job movement.
  • If hours changed over one hour a day, that position is currently abolished and reposted.


  • The insurance is still up in the air. It depends on what the State gives for extra expenses.
  • May be a tier payment and it may be different for new employees.
  • Question was asked if the Board anticipates those that currently are getting insurance will continue to do so.
  • Bullet #1 says…maintain the current plan. Answer: The Board would like to maintain the status quo; however, everyone may be changed – it depends on the finances.
  • There will not be a definite answer until after March 2012 when negotiations with insurance companies start. Also, insurance may be different for new employees hired after June 30, 2012.
  • Dental insurance can be carried for 18 months after retirement, but it is paid by the employee.
  • Health insurance can be kept as long as the employee continues to pay the premium after retirement.

Sick Days

  • Status of sick days will carry over
  • Note: Our current contract states we can have a maximum of 130 days.
  • P 13F: Upon retirement, does the balance of our sick time still change to dollars and go into a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)?
  • This was asked at the Labor Management meeting on November 28th.
  • Answer: This was overlooked by Administration and the Board when compiling the Handbook. It will be looked at and an answer will be given at the January Labor Management meeting. The hope is to maintain this practice.
  • P 12 #6A: A set amount of personal, sick, and bereavement days…the Board said that will remain exactly the same as we have now.

Bus Drivers

  • Lift bus drivers will receive an annual stipend of $300.
  • The wage will be what other drivers currently get.
  • This issue is still being looked at.
  • Routes should remain the same.
  • Field trips for drivers current go by seniority. Starting July 1, 2012 it will be by seniority and proximity.
  • The Board will review the one hour maintenance.


  •  Policies will be posted on our Local 1397 website when they are completed.
  • The School Board has final approval of all policy changes.
  • Check the Local 1397 website for updates on Labor Management minutes.
  • School Board Meeting of the Whole meetings occur the first Monday of each month at 5pm at the Board Office.
  • There are still topics we need to cover and need answers to. Labor Management meets monthly with Administration and one or two Board members. Meetings will take place until the end of May.

Questions should be directed to Randy Berndt or Sally Thompson via the Local 1397 email address listed below. You can also call their home phone numbers listed on the website under Officers and Stewards.

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