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AFSCME members are employed by the state, counties and municipalities as well as by private sector and nonprofit organizations. We represent thousands of retirees.

Our membership includes child welfare workers, street and highway workers, nursing home caregivers, school support staff, nurses and other health care providers, corrections officers, public inspectors, planners, foresters, conservation wardens, auditors, administrative support staff, social workers, technicians, heavy equipment operators, garbage collectors, parks employees, probation and parole agents, mechanics, water and sewerage district employees, and countless more. We represent a diverse group of people who work in every area of public service across Wisconsin.

In 2015, AFSCME members voted to create a new, unified structure to foster growth and activism in Wisconsin. On June 1, Council 32 officially became the single voice for AFSCME members in Wisconsin. The new Council combines the membership and resources of Wisconsin’s historic Council 24, Council 40 and Council 48.

AFSCME’s Wisconsin members are organized into hundreds of local unions and chapters. These local unions, in turn, are affiliated with Council 32, which provides the framework and resources for bargaining, contract administration, political action and other collective activity.

Staff employed by AFSCME International also serves members in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Area office and its staff provide assistance and resources for retirees as well as all affiliates in the state.


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