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With the legislative season in full swing, AFSCME Texas Corrections has established their presence at the state capital. In addition to the professionals in Austin advocating on behalf of correctional employees, members are coming to the state capital to let their voices be heard.

Two Texas corrections officers were among 10 passengers killed when a bus transporting inmates that lost control on a patch of black ice, slid off of the Interstate 20 overpass, and crashed into a moving Union Pacific train.

We are sending our condolences and prayers to all victims of the tragic bus accident in Pernell, TX. Wednesday morning, a Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) transport bus was traveling from Abilene to El Paso with 15 passengers, 12 inmates and three TDCJ Corrections Officers.

Huntsville, Texas—On 13 September, members of Huntsville-based AFSCME Texas Corrections, the union representing TDCJ employees throughout the state, gathered in Austin to discuss their priorities for next year’s legislative session.

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Last week, a civil rights lawsuit was filed in a Texas federal court by a former prisoner against Corrections Corporation of America, one of the nation’s largest private, for-profit prison operators, and two of its employees for allegedly allowing the defendant to be sexually assaulted by other inmates at a facility in Bartlett, Texas. Read more >>>

Huntsville, Texas—Last week a ceiling collapsed at a privately operated prison in East Texas, injuring 19 inmates. The incident has some industry critics suggesting that a major cause of the problem is the for-profit model of the private prison industry.

In an interview with reporters, prison officials stated that the incident occurred just before noon on Saturday at the Diboll Correctional Center in an inmate dayroom area.  According to David Driskell, the facility’s warden, 85 inmates were subsequently transferred to another facility pending an evaluation of the damages.

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