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Local 3920 Vice President Testifies at Senate Hearing

With the legislative season in full swing, AFSCME Texas Corrections has established their presence at the state capital. In addition to the professionals in Austin advocating on behalf of correctional employees, members are coming to the state capital to let their voices be heard. On Thursday, February 5, 2015 Andre Crews, C.O. IV from the Hughes Facility, did just that. Crews testified in front of the Senate finance committee on the importance of fixing the pension system for correctional and all state employees.

“Our men and women work hard in both maximum and minimum security facilities across the State of Texas. In exchange, we ask to be fairly compensated and secure in knowing that someday we will be able to retire with dignity and financial piece of mind,” said Crews while addressing the committee.

Cathe Wilson, President of Gatesville Local 3920 also attended the hearing in solidarity. “I was glad to be here to support Andre and hear what the Senator’s had to say. I am close to retirement and I need to know I can count on my pension after almost 20 years served,” Wilson said.

The pension plan could be in trouble if the legislature doesn’t do its part and adequately contribute to the Employee Retirement System (ERS). State employees have continued to make their contributions, even in the rough times, while the legislature has neglected their responsibility for 19 of the past 20 years. There are many solutions to fixing the pension problems but it must not be at the expense of public employees.

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