AFSCME Local 524


Welcome new members, Urica Carver, Brittany Krakowski and Jennifer Dunston.

 Please plan on attending all your union meetings.

Holiday Meeting-Thursday, 12.8.16@5:30p.m.

Byob, refreshments and gifts.




As unionized workers, we benefit from the work of those who went before us. Never forget: our wages, our benefits, and our rights were won at the bargaining table. They were not “given” to us.



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 AFSCME Local 524 Union Officers and Negotiation Committee Members.



Negotiation Committee - Lackawanna County Office of Youth and Family Services / Childcare Information Services

Local 524 Contract Negotiation Committee Members @

AFSCME Staff Representative Matt

AFSCME  Dunmore Office- 570-800-551-5066


Meeting Dates - TBA 

Executive Board

President - Lou Strazzeri

Vice President - Jillian Dudeck-Peck

Chief Steward -Vacant

Recording Secretary- Mary Rose Moran

Treasurer -Joni Pearson

Mimi Smiley

Jane Leach


Maria Kovaleski

Nick Robinson

Ann Capone

Jerry Booth

Karen Grecco

Tom Faliski

Stacey Vogler-Musil

Job Titles represented in committee


Social Service Aides

Fiscal Tech

The opportunity to serve on this committee was as per sign up/union meeting attendance. 

Meetings TBA




 Current Contract end Date 12/31/16

Local 524 Stewardship

Keeping our children safe is job #1. Your free child ID kit should help your peace of mind.

Members keep your eyes to safety...AED'S should be in plain sight!

Please report locations of AEDs.

We have not located any yet?

Stewards and members please look for AEDs and report to President when found.This concerns all workers.  




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