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Worker's International Labor Day May Day 2017

 Stay union strong!

Favorite Union Quotes

 Don't let any man into your cab, your home, or your heart, unless he's a friend of labor.
Jimmy Hoffa

We protect the children, who protects us?  



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All members of Local 524 are invited to comment regarding all things union.  Please direct comments, articles, complaints to your Executive Board members for publication or to take to monthly Labor Management meetings.

Local 524 is your local...we are in need of start up of a new Safety Committee.  Management and Local 524 have agreed to form this committee.  Please consider the benefits to all our members.  Advocating for safety is the mission of all labor.




Sister Jillian and Sister Ashley to represent Local 524 at Council 13 Convention.

 Afscme Local 524 ratifies Five (5)  Year contract on March 29, 2017

Highlights of voting and contract.


No - 2

Five Year Contract

Health Care - No Change

Wages - 3% yearly

January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2021


Thank you Committee Members for your time, patience, missed suppers, lunches, and most of all a fair contract.  Thank you Local 524 members for your trust and support!

Thank you.... Afscme Staff Representative Matt Balas who provided expertise and guidance at any hour any hour any time!

Local 524 - Negotiation Committee Members

Chief Negotiator  - Matt Balas
President – Louis Strazzeri
Vice President / Chief Steward – Jillian Dudeck-Peck
Treasurer- Joan Pearson
Recording Secretary – Mary Rose Moran
Karen Grecco, Ann Capone, Jerry Booths, Nick Robinson, Maria Koveleski, Stacey Vogler- Musil,Mimi Smiley, Jane Leach.

 AFSCME Local 524 Union Officers and Stewards




 Sister Jillian appointed Chief Steward.  

Thank you, Sister Jillian for your acceptance of the hardest job in our Local!  Jillian has attended Afscme Trainings and Conventions and has served Local 524 as an Officer and loyal Afscme member for over 8 years!  

Members protect your contract.  Report all contract violations, safety issues, grievances to your Stewards and Chief Steward.

Has anyone seen an AED at 200 Adams Ave?  Please let your stewards know when you see an AED.


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Members keep your eyes to safety...AED'S should be in plain sight!

Please report locations of AEDs.  s

We have not located any yet?  Really!  If you see an AED Local 524 may have a gift certificate.  

Stewards and members please look for AEDs and report to President when found.This concerns all workers.  




Local 524 Stewardship

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