Local 154 - NYC Amalgamated Professional Employees

Local 154 Salaries

List of salaries for City and Authority Titles effective September 3, 2016.

 On January 24, 2017 DC 37 and the City agreed to new Recurrent Increment Payment (RIP) schedules for titles in the Clerical Unit. The bargaining Unit composed of Local 154, 1549, 1357, 957 and 1113 reached an agreement with the City of New York which provide  this compensation to titles which have never received it and will increase the rates for other titles.  More.....

Longevity DIfferentials for Certain City Titles

Salaries for City, HHC and Authorities Titles effective September 3, 2015.

  Revised Overtime Caps for September 2011 - September 2014

Salaries for City of New York Titles as of September 2014

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