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January 2018 Highlights:

* Contract Negotiations

* Janus vs AFSCME: An Attack on the Rights of Working People

* Defending our HealthCare: Lawsuits Against Pharmaceuticals

* Chapter Actvitiy

* Calendar of Local 154 QIE Examinations

 President's Report with Chapter Activities and Contract Bargaining Updates. 


1. Looking for a new contract with City

2. AFIS Operators ratify new contract

3. Members Vote not to have Holiday Party this year

4. Welcoming new members at Department of Education (DOE)

 President Report covering Local 154 activities through October 2017.

During the September 2016, Local 154 invited its stewards, activists and other interested members to learn about their rights in the workplace. The training covered stewardship, grievances, contract reviews, safety and health, and Union rights. More than twenty members received certificates and full set of materials after several intense days of training. Congratulations to these dedicated members of Local 154.

 Kudos to the dozens of Local 154 members who participated in this year's Labor Day Parade; Together with thousands of DC 37 members and thousands of other Unionists marched up Fifth Ave. in a display of Union power. The mighty Union did it again!!

 Local 154 President Report for September 2017

President's Report - Qualifying in place Examinations (QIE), Unit Contract settlements, etc.

 President's Report as of December 2016 including the latest about Provisionals Qualifying in Place Test Plan and the list of Local 154 Titles included in the plan.....

 Update on Local 154's Activities during October 2016.

President's Report of Local 154's activities during 2016.

 June 2016 President's Report with Local 154's activities and other information of interest to members.

 On December 9, Local 154 members at New York School ratified contract....

Local 154 Activities, Chapter Reports and other information of interest to members.


Dear Members of Local 154, 

As part of the DC 37 Economic Agreement with the City of New York for the period March 3, 2010 to July 2nd, 2017, there will a 3% increase on the base salary and on additions to the gross (i.e. Service increments, Longevity Differential, Recurrent Increment Payment (RIP) effective September 3, 2016.

According to information from the City, Mayoral Agencies, DOE, and HHC among others, will see the increase in the September 23, 2016 paydate and will include all retroactive (covering September 3 to 23, 2016) on the base salary and additions to the gross. Transit's tentative date is September 22. For NYCHA the date is September 29, 2016.

This increase covers Mayoral Agencies, Comptroller's Office, Department Of Education, Health and Hospitals, NYCHA & Transit Authority and School Construction Authority.

We will post new list of salaries for City and Authority titles in the next couple of weeks.

An additional .52% for additions to the gross will be available on March 3, 2017. This will be used to improve Service Increments, Longevity Differentials, RIPs and Annuities. Details will be posted as agreements are reached for each of the Bargaining Units.

Use below link to download list of Scheduled Paydates by Agency

If you have any questions, please call our Union office.

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 President Fernandez's Report to the Members, March 2015.

November 2014

DC 37 news. At the DC 37 Executive Board meeting of October 8, Executive Director Lillian Roberts submitted a letter of resignation effective December 31, 2014. At her recommendation, the DC 37 Executive Board appointed unanimously Associate Director Henry Garrido as new Executive Director effective January 1st, 2015.

Labor Management / Negotiations:
*City Contract. - See full contract at www.Local154.org
On July 2nd, DC 37 and the City of New York reached a 7-year ....

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Local 154 President's Report for October 2014

Pay dates for Mayoral Agencies, Health and Hospital Corporation, and NYCHA

On August 5, 2014, District Council 37 members overwhelmingly ratified the Economic Agreement by 96% ... Read more >>>

On July 1, District Council 37 reached a tentative agreement with the City of New York  on a new seven-year, four-month pact that provides a total of 10.41% in wage hikes plus a $1,000 ratification bonus (details below)...

On July 8, 2014 the DC 37 Delegates body voted to send the agreement to the members with a recomendation to support it. Ballots will be going out to members on Monday July 21, 2014. The American Arbitration Association (AAA) will administer the ratification process. 

Local 154 will hold a General Membership Meeting to discuss and answer questions about the Contract. This meeting is scheduled to take place at 6 PM in Room 9 at  DC 37 Headquarters on Tuesday July 22, 2014. 

See terms of the Economic Agreement below -----

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President's May 2014 Report

PRESIDENT REPORT November 2013 * After negotiating Union recognition for certain workers at Department of Education, two new titles are joining the ranks of Local 154. They are Equal Rights Compliance Specialist, and Associate Arts Program Specialist. These new workers will show in our roster in the next few weeks. *Audit of dependent health benefits. The Audit’s deadline to submit... Read more >>>

After being approached by the Union, DCAS has established the Public Records Aide list. DCAS had initially published the list in February 2013. The Union had insisted in DCAS's publication of the list and then the Union moved to insist in establishing the list. Now, the City has up to 90 days to begin the certification process.

President's Report


Local 154, AFSCME - DC 37

President’s Report – June 2013

DC 37 is going back to its Headquarters / DC 37 Supports John Liu / City's Audit of Dependents / Snow Days 2010 Arbitration / Contract Negotiations / Civil Service Test / and other topics.

October 4, 2013 is the deadline for submitting documentation for the Health Insurance Dependent Audit. See our fact sheet with Q&A regarding the audit. Do you have problems? Let's us know!! ....

Mayor Bloomberg has been refusing to negotiate contract with unions unless the unions are willing to accept his draconian cuts. The Union had made it clear that we will not take anything less than a fair and just contract for our members, and that we will not stop in our fight for respect and dignity. Read more >>>

We are all unhappy with the negative decision. The arbitrator issued a decision which easily could enter the annals of double talk. She agreed that the blizzard caused a major failure of the City's public transportation system and that all forms of transportation were shut down, but her decision completely disregarded these facts. Read more >>>

On February 27, after several talks with the Union, DCAS made public the list for the Public Records Aide examination. This is in addition to the existing lists for Research Assistant and Claims Specialist. Read more >>>

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