Local 154 - NYC Amalgamated Professional Employees

Social Service Unit Agreement - Recurrent Increment and Annuity

 The Local Unions composing the SSRT Contract Unit agreed with the City on the ways to distribute the addiitonal .52% available at the end of the 7-year Economic Agreement (2010-2017). Also the SSRT agreement triggers the release of the 3% wage increase available on September 2016. The SSRT Unit Bargaining is composed of several Local Unions including Local 154, 371, 768, 957, 1070, 1113, 1759 and 2021.

The SSRT agreement affects Local 154's Special Consultant II, Claim Specialist and the Human Rights Specialist Series. The distribution of the .52% will be as follows:

      *  Effective March 3, 2017 there will be a $500 (annual) Recurrent Increment Payment (RIP) for workers in the above titles with ten or more years of City Service as of March 3, 2017. The increment is paid in bi-weekly amounts. As workers reach the ten year threshold they will be elegible for this amount.

       * Effective March 3, 2017 the current annuity amount shall be increased by $40, for a total of $724. Currently all workers in the SSRT titles above receive a $684 annuity from the moment they start serving in any of those titles.

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