Local 154 - NYC Amalgamated Professional Employees


January 2018 Highlights:

* Contract Negotiations

* Janus vs AFSCME: An Attack on the Rights of Working People

* Defending our HealthCare: Lawsuits Against Pharmaceuticals

* Chapter Actvitiy

* Calendar of Local 154 QIE Examinations

 Kudos to the dozens of Local 154 members who participated in this year's Labor Day Parade; Together with thousands of DC 37 members and thousands of other Unionists marched up Fifth Ave. in a display of Union power. The mighty Union did it again!!

Update: On October 18, 2017 AFIS Operators unanimously approved the Contract Proposal for the period July 2017 - June 2019. 

The new Contract Agreement includes:

* Calendar of wage increases through December 2018 at which point wages will reach $15.00 per hour; 

* One additional day of leave for full time workers 

* Application of the NYS Paid Family Leave

* Review of scheduling and disciplinary practices 

Members will held a meeting to review and Vote on the Contract proposal at DC 37 on Wednesday October 18 , 2017.

Download AFIS Contract for full details.

During the September 2016, Local 154 invited its stewards, activists and other interested members to learn about their rights in the workplace. The training covered stewardship, grievances, contract reviews, safety and health, and Union rights. More than twenty members received certificates and full set of materials after several intense days of training. Congratulations to these dedicated members of Local 154.

 On January 24, 2017 DC 37 and the City agreed to new Recurrent Increment Payment (RIP) schedules for titles in the Clerical Unit. The bargaining Unit composed of Local 154, 1549, 1357, 957 and 1113 reached an agreement with the City of New York which provide  this compensation to titles which have never received it and will increase the rates for other titles.  More.....

 The Social Services and Related Titles (SSRT) Unit Contract covering the titles of Special Consultant II, Claim Specialist and the Human Rights Specialist Series Title in Local 154....

LOCAL 154, DC 37, and SODEXO reached agreement on a payment schedule for a 5 Year longevity.....

List of salaries for City and Authority Titles effective September 3, 2016.

 On December 9, Local 154 members at New York School ratified contract....

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