DC 37 Activist Trainings/Union Day set for May, June

DC37 Activist Training teaches members to engage, educate & empower co-workers & ensure they are signed up as union members. Photo by Alfredo Alvarado

 The DC 37 Organizing Dept. will hold training sessions for union activists in May and June 2016 on the theme Strengthening the Power of Our Collective Voice. At the training, members will learn about their many union benefits — but also how to engage, educate and empower their co-workers at the workplace.

“These events are part of an effort to strengthen the union from the grassroots,” said Barbara Terrelonge, director of the DC 37 Organizing Dept. “With more active members, our union will be stronger, whether that involves our involvement in a contract fight, political activities or protecting coworkers in the workplace.”

The DC 37 Activist Training is open to all DC 37 members. To register for a training session, call DC 37 Organizing at (212) 815-1095. Come join us and get to know your union.

In addition, the union will hold a DC 37 Health Fair/Union Day at the NYC College of Technology, where members who work at the City University of New York can learn about their health benefits and sign a union card. Below is the events schedule.

DC 37 Activist Training: 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

May 17 @ DC 37 headquarters, 125 Barclay St., NY, NY. (Room 11) For a leaflet, click here.

June 16 @ DC 37 headquarters, 125 Barclay St., NY, NY. (Room 11) For a leaflet, click here.

DC 37 Health Fair/Union Day: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

May 17 @ NYC College of Technology