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The District Council 37 blog is your source for updated news from the union, featuring stories, photos and videos about issues of importance to DC 37 members and retirees -- including our everyday heroes who make New York City and state happen. Read more at https://dc37blog.wordpress.com/

Recent blog posts

Union Outlines Priorities at Annual Meeting with City Council Members

Union Mourns Louis G. Albano, Longtime Local President

“I plan to encourage my grandchildren to become union members. That means fighting now to make sure the labor movement is still alive.”

“We try to put together an action plan for the family”

Gender roles are changing, and it’s time for people to understand that’s a good thing.

Unions Gather to Pay Tribute to Workers Killed on the Job

Taxes and Inequality

Member Gets Promotion and Pay Increase in Out-of-Title Grievance

DC 37 and Community Allies Fight Trump’s Public Housing Budget Cuts

New York I the Most Unionized State, By Far


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