Local 1549 - NYC Clerical Administrative Employees

Who's Who in Local 1549

Local 1549 - Who's Who

Local 1549 Officers:

Eddie Rodriguez, President
Alma G. Roper, Executive Vice President
Ralph Palladino, 2nd Vice President
Alvin Williams, 3rd Vice President
Gerald Johnson, Secretary - Treasurer
Carmen Flores, Recording Secretary

Linda Bullock, Sergeant-at-Arms
Janice Haley, Sergeant-at-Arms
Nelly Rodriguez, Sergeant-at-Arms
Eugene Williams, Sergeant-at-Arms

Felix Cooper, Officer-at-Large
Tracye Hawthorne, Officer-at-Large
Natasha Isma, Officer-at-Large
Lionel Layne, Officer-at-Large
Vincent Oliver, Officer-at-Large

Local 1549 Staff:

Lee Clarke, Special Assistant to the President
Brett Koch, Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President
Oscar Alvarado, Coordinator of Strategic Planning & Special Projects
Maria Ruggeri, Confidential Assistant
Naydia Guadalupe, Confidential Assistant
Margaret Heywood, Support Staff

Clerical Division Staff:

Renee Gainer, Division Director
Dorothy Lorenzo, Assistant Division Director
Kenneth Mulligan, Assistant Division Director

Eddie Douglass, Council Representative
Nathaniel Hurt, Council Representative
Sheila Lewis, Council Representative
Kathleen Newallo, Council Representative
Nina Perez, Council Representative
Jestina Roberts, Council Representative

Linda Bullock, Griev. Rep.
Felix Cooper, Griev. Rep.
Carmen Flores, Griev. Rep.
Gerald Johnson, Griev. Rep.
Ernst Letemps, Griev. Rep.
Donna McDuffie, Griev. Rep.
Kevin McLaurin, Griev. Rep.
Efrain Perez, Griev. Rep.
Avery Seawright, Griev. Rep.
Rhonda Spaulding, Griev. Rep.
Alvin Williams, Griev. Rep.
Eugene Williams, Griev. Rep.

Jacqueline Richards, Division Secretary
Juana Joynes, Secretary IV
Nancy Papa, Clerk-Typist III



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