Local 1070 Court, County and Department of Probation Employees


Here's why rank-and-file Local 1070 members are voting Yes for a new contract.

Estimate your salary increases and retroactive payments using our new calculator tool.

The American Arbitration Association has mailed contract ratification ballots to all Local 1070 members eligible to vote on the tentative contract agreement.

Have questions about the new tentative contract agreement? Here are some answers.  

Union members are happier with their lives than nonunion workers. Makes sense, right? Now comes a study that proves it.


The full schedule of lunch meetings to discuss the new tentative contract agreement has been released. Click the "Calendar" link on the left hand side of this page for more information.

 Local 1070 has reached a new tentative contract agreement with the Office of Court Administration.

Local 1070 Chapter Meeting Schedule for 2015!

As part of the plan to better communicate with you, members of Local 1070, the Officers and Executive Board members have created a chapter meeting schedule for 2015 under the "Calendar" tab to the left. We hope in providing this schedule, it will allow you to save these dates in your personal calendars and attend these informative meetings. These chapter meetings will give you a forum to discuss work related issues with your Local 1070 brothers and sisters who work in the same/similar titles throughout New York City. Hope to see you at the meetings! 

The Office of Court Administration has made what they consider to be a final offer for a new contract agreement to Local 1070.

Local 1070 members pay the same health insurance contribution rates as every other employee of the Court System not covered by the Executive Branch agreement. 

 What improvements do you want to see in your next contract?

It's time for a renewed push to win a contract that raises our standards and meets our needs. 

Tentative contract agreement voted down by razor-thin vote margin.

All Local 1070 State members will receive two hours of release time to vote on the contract.

A memo by a Court System administrative judge criticizes the Coalition's harassment and intimidation of Local 1070 members. 

CWA Local 1180 President Arthur Cheliotes: outsiders have no right to interfere with your decision on the contract.

The Coalition is spreading lies and disinformation about our tentative contract agreement. Here's what's really in it. 

The Union demands that the Court System take steps to end the Coalition's "campaign of terror" against Local 1070 members.

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