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Drug Co-pay Reimbursement for New York State Active Members and Retirees

(Posted March 4, 2015)  On February 27th all state employees represented by Local 1070 were mailed a 2014 drug co-pay reimbursement form. This form is self explanatory, in order for it to be processed please complete it and attach a statement from your provider listing your drug co-pays for 2014. You can get a listing of all drug co-pays for you and your family from your provider or pharmacy. Please keep in mind that the last day for the 2014 submissions is April 30th of this year. If you didn't receive or discarded the form, please contact the DC 37 Health and Security plan at (212) 815-1234 to request that another form be mailed to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Local 1070 office at (212) 815-1070.

Note- We plan to review all the negotiated changes to the state employee supplemental benefits at our March 23rd general membership meeting. It is expected that all benefit changes will be in place by early April of this year retroactive to January 1st.

States and local governments have been cutting vital public services for years because of shrinking revenue and bad policy decisions. The report, Tax Fairness: An Answer to State Budget Problems, describes a financial crisis that could have been avoided – and can be fixed – by making our tax codes fair.

As part of the plan to better communicate with you, members of Local 1070, the Officers and Executive Board members have created a chapter meeting schedule for 2015 under the "Calendar" tab to the left. We hope in providing this schedule, it will allow you to save these dates in your personal calendars and attend these informative meetings. These chapter meetings will give you a forum to discuss work related issues with your Local 1070 brothers and sisters who work in the same/similar titles throughout New York City. Hope to see you at the meetings! 

The votes are in: an overwhelming majority of Local 1070 members voted to ratify the new contract agreement with OCA.


Estimate your salary increases and retroactive payments using our new calculator tool. You must have the Microsoft-Excel program loaded in your computer to utilize the calculator. If you don't have access to this program and need assistance figuring out how the increases would apply to you, please feel free to call us in the Local 1070 office- (212) 815-1070.

 Local 1070 has reached a new tentative contract agreement with the Office of Court Administration.

The 2015 AFSCME Women’s Leadership Academy will be held from June to December of this year.


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