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Help is a Phone Call Away

Keri Cable

When Keri Cable tells friends and family that she’s a customer service specialist for the state, they say “That’s perfect!”

Cable is on the other end of the phone when vendors want to know how to bid on state contracts. She is the “help desk” when workers in other state agencies run into problems with purchase orders or invoices in the state’s procurement system.

“This is what I want to do,” Cable says. “I like to help people.”

Cable helps businesses learn what it takes to become a registered vendor, where to find bid opportunities, and whether the business qualifies for targeted state programs.

“They’re so happy when they get a live person,” she says. “If you’re a brand new vendor, it can be overwhelming. We navigate the system with them. We take them to our website and walk them through, screen by screen. Our director, our supervisors, our managers, they allow us to take the time, one on one, so they get the undivided attention they need.”

Getting on the Capitol calendar

Before taking her current job in the materials management division, Cable worked in plant management. There, she tracked and generated work orders for maintenance crews.

She also handled all permits for events at the Capitol – whether it was a rally in the rotunda or a huge event, such as the Twin Cities Marathon. She also made sure school kids had a place to eat their lunches when they visited on field trips. She still gets calls from teachers she helped out.

“People really value the Capitol,” Cable says. “To be able to have their public events there – not a lot of states offer that. But our doors are open. It’s all of ours. We all share it. And I think that means a lot to Minnesotans.”

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