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The Best Part of the Job

"Watching kids grow is breath-taking," says Sauk Rapids provider Karla Scapanski.

 Without a doubt, providers say, the joys of working with kids and families makes their profession worthwhile.

“The spark you can put in the kids, it’s amazing what happens,” says Karla Scapanski, of Sauk Rapids.

“I love the look on a kid’s face when something connects,” says Maplewood’s Gwen French.

“To see kids that weren’t doing well, and how well they do at my house, that’s really rewarding to me,” says Kim Foss, of Grand Rapids.

Providers say they become part of their kids’ families – and families become part of theirs.

“The relationships my kids developed – they’ve developed friendships that will never end,” Scapanski says. “They’re best friends now with some of the kids I’ve had.”

“We get to know these people intimately, to share their family stories, to share some of their struggles,” says Robert Ellis Sr., of St. Paul. “It’s a unique opportunity to see a little person start from basically nothing, to see them grow, learn to speak, play with other kids.

“We have one family where we’ve had all four kids since they were babies,” Ellis says. “We feel like we’ve raised these children. Their mom tells us, ‘If not for you, my kids would not be the success they are. They may not have made it’.”

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