Council 25

Coordinating Committees

The Schools Coordinating Committee (SCC) Fall Conference has been cancelled due to lack of participation.




Lorna Davison, Co-Chair
Doug Murch, Co-Chair
Danny Craig, Staff Liaison

Stephanie Nahas, Chair (Local 1815)
Bill McGlynn, Vice Chair (Local 1346)
Paul Burgess, Treasurer (Local 202)
Chris Vandenbussche, Recording Secretary (Local 1664)

Tobin Hope, Chair (Local 1568)
Bryan Sutton, Vice Chair (Local 1668)
Lois Murray, Recording Secretary (Local 2172)

Sylvester Austin, Chair (Local 2449)
Dave Baker, Vice Chair (Local 1327)
Myrtel Brown, Recording Secretary (Local 188)

Denis Martin, Chair (Local 1862)
Jeremy Schlak, Vice Chair (Local 1071)
Kim Bombata, Recording Secretary (Local 101)

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