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The Pledge form for Stand Up for Democracy is available on the link below, in PDF format.  We need your support!

The information contained in this letter details the correct minimum dues rates for all AFSCME Local Unions in Michigan. Your 2014 Dues Rates are based on the information contained in the October 17, 2013 letter you received from International Union Secretary-Treasurer Laura Reyes.

Join us in calling for Detroit’s Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to resign.

Change of Contact Information for Kalamazoo Office

Effective immediately, all correspondence and communications such as but not limited to mail, telephone calls and faxes previously sent to the Kalamazoo Office should be sent to the Headquarters/Lansing Office or the Flint Office.

Please see "Contact Us" for details.

This website has been launched by State Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood.

The home page includes a form for signing a petition to repeal Right To Work For Less.

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October 2, 2012

Attention: Detroit Water/Sewer Department Members

From: MI Council 25 AFSCME

Re: Comply with Court Order – Let Common sense prevail in Court!

Walkout caused by frustrations felt by good people doing dirty, dangerous work without the most basic tools. Four million people in Michigan remain at risk due to bad management practices

Detroit – Michigan AFSCME Council 25 is asking all of the members in the City of Detroit Water and Sewage Department to comply with a federal judge’s restraining order issued today.

“We understand the frustration felt by the hard working men and women in the water department,” said Al Garrett, President, Michigan AFSCME Council 25. “Poor working conditions, lack of equipment and inadequate staffing levels have pushed people to the breaking point. The walkout is a manifestation of frustrations felt by good people doing dirty, dangerous work without the most basic tools needed to get the job done.”

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Michigan Council 25 AFSCME needs your help!  Please volunteer to help AFSCME

  • Repeal Public Act 4  - The Emergency Manager Law
  • Protect our Families (Collective Bargaining) Ballot Initiative
  • Citizens for Affordable Quality Home Care

Daily Bill Notification

Database of pending legislation impacting labor.

Office of Retirement Services Announces Seminars on MPSERS Changes

The enactment of Senate Bill 1040 (signed into law as Public Act 300 of 2012) makes several changes to retirement options for members of the Michigan Public School Employee Retirement System (MPSERS). In order to help MPSERS members understand these changes, the Office of Retirement Services is offering a series of seminars and webinars around the state to discuss the legislation.


On December 1, 2010 Wayne County implemented a 20% base pay reduction on its AFSCME-represented employees. AFSCME challenged Mr. Ficano’s action in Wayne County Circuit Court and argued that under the Wayne County Charter and its applicable ordinances any measure fixing the wages and benefits of County Employees is subject to the approval of the Wayne County Commission prior to becoming effective. ...

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Dear Madam Prosecutor:

I write this letter to inform you of a crime which has been committed against the City of Detroit. You may have heard about this matter in the press recently. City of Detroit agents and agents of a private company orchestrated a scheme where more than $50,000 of cash - which belonged to the City of Detroit...

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E-Mail Blast issued by Michigan AFL-CIO on 07-12-2011:

You may have heard about the new study, "New Solutions for Michigan."  It has been in the news, and Lansing State Journal's lead editorial called on the governor and his henchmen to take heed of this study. . .

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Short Cut to "Stop the Lies!" Site

Please take time to view the video and place your signature on the letter as requested in the article on the "Stop the LIes!" campaign.  However, if you're short of time, here's the link:

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We have just received this bulletin from Michigan HRDI regarding financial help for Michigan homeowners.

Follow the link below for information from the United Community Housing Coalition in Detroit.  In addition, members facing foreclosure. . .

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