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Employees shouldn’t have to risk their health to do their jobs. Four out of 10 private-sector workers come to work sick – or don’t get paid. The picture is noticeably different for state and local government workers, where union membership is stronger. Nine out of 10 workers in state and local government receive paid sick leave and, of those who belong to a union, it’s nearly everyone – 97 percent.


Pregnancy should not cost women their paychecks. But that's exactly what happened to UPS delivery driver Peggy Young when she became pregnant in 2006.


President Obama's willingness to act on immigration while Congress dithers and delays is admirable. Read President Saunders' Huffington Post article on it here.


We know that money can be a big obstacle when it comes to higher education. That’s why AFSCME provides scholarships to help members and their families reach their educational goals.


No raises for employees
Anticipation Deficit for 2013
Purposed reduction of anticipated budget shortfall.

The Fulton County Commission has approved the budget for 2012. NO LAY OFF, NO FURLOUGHS AND NO RIFFS!!

Thanks to a historic ordinance passed by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, Fulton County employees now have the right to join AFSCME and reach a Memorandum Of Understanding with the county.

The ordinance allows Fulton County employees and our union--AFSCME--to meet and confer or discuss our wages, benefits and working conditions. The end results of this meet and confer session is a written agreement called a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). As union members we will create this legal binding agreement between our union and Fulton County.

To read and download the ordinance clilck here.

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We have talked to thousands of Fulton County Employees over the last few months. We've answered thousands of questions, too!

Below are many of the questions that those who have joined us and those who are interested in joining us have asked about AFSCME Fulton County Local 3.

After reading these, if you have a question that hasn't been answered, email us with your question.

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