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OSHA Regulations Protect Workers & Jobs

Dr. David Michaels of the U.S. Department of Labor is still promoting the message that OSHA doesn’t kill jobs, it helps prevent jobs from killing workers.

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AFSCME Safety Resources

Identify and Correct Common Workplace Hazards by Consulting This AFSCME Resource

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Cal/OSHA Safety Resources

Workplace Health and Safety Links.  List compiled by the California Department of Public Health - Occupational Health Branch. View Links


Safety Now! Becomes Statewide Movement to Reform Department of Mental Health

Workers from Five DMH Hospitals Gather to Plan Next Steps in Safety Campaign

Sacramento -- Safety Now!, the coalition of unionized Department of Mental Health (DMH) workers that was first organized to improve safety at Napa State Hospital after the murder of Psychiatric Technician Donna Gross, officially became a statewide coalition in Sacramento on May 4, 2011. The growing number of violent assaults on patients and staff at all DMH facilities motivated workers to expand the coalition beyond its original site in Napa.                                                             more

“We Came Here to Work, Not to Die!" AFSCME members rally at Napa State Hospital in the wake of a staff member’s death at the hands of a violent inmate. Decreased staffing and Management’s refusal to heed the warnings of union staff have created a perilous work environment. Union activists, community members and family of those incarcerated agree that conditions aren’t safe for workers, and aren’t safe for the patients….   see the video of the rally       more videos

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