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Importance of Legislative & Political Action

Building a Local Political and Legislative Program

To be effective in the political arena, AFSCME Locals must be able to interact with politicians at the local as well as the state level, and hold them accountable. Locals should have a Political Action Committee and political action plan. Local leaders and members should participate in rallies, legislative visits, candidate interviews, get out the vote campaigns, and voter registration drives. It is also important to be part of changing the public debate about the benefit of public programs and the work we do.

A strong Local political program includes the following elements:

Political Action
1. Establishing a Local Political Action Committee and Fund
2. Recruiting, Educating, and Endorsing Candidates
3. Researching and Taking Positions on Ballot Measures
4. Registering Members to Vote
5. Participating in Central Labor Council and Candidate Campaigns
6. Participating in Council 57’s PAC
7. Increasing Participation in AFSCME PEOPLE

Legislative Action
8. Member Education and Mobilization on Local Policies, State Legislation and Budgets
9. Holding Elected Officials Accountable
10. Introducing Policy Proposals or Legislation
11. Participation on Boards, Commissions and Committees

Mobilization and Communication
12. Developing Activists and Mainaining Systems for Mobilization
13. Communicating to Members and the Public

Council 57 has a Political and Legislative Department, a Political Action Committee which meets on a monthly basis, and a Council 57 PAC fund to support the work of locals to be more politically active. We have identified the political bodies of authority for all Locals and Chapters within Council 57, and will work with our Locals to develop strategic political action plans that will allow them to become influential at the most relevant and effective level. We will maintain and create additional systems to support the political and legislative work of Locals, including templates of useful documents, training of activists, and communications regarding important political and legislative issues.

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