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AFSCME Local 2703, Merced County Employee's Association, represents 13 chapters, including City of Atwater, Veolia Water, City of Livingston, City of Mendota, City of Merced, Mariposa County, Merced County, Merced County Housing Authority, Mercy Medical Center, Planada School, Merced County Community Action Agency, Madera Superior Courts, and Madera Clerical/Technical.

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Officers, Executive Board, and Business Agents



A seemingly unlikely hero emerged in November in Atwater when he quickly extinguished a fire burning at City Hall, then chased the arson suspect for half a mile and detained him for police. Chris Carrera, 54, an AFSCME Local 2703 member, has been a part-time janitor for the city of Atwater for nine years, but Tuesday he also was a firefighter and police officer.  Read more >>>

Merced County Social Worker: ‘I Just Try to Do as Much as I Can for as Many People as I Can’

As a social worker who deals with foster youth on a daily basis, Holly Karim knows how important trust is with each client.

In her role, she is responsible for ensuring that young people who have aged out of the foster care system get the care they need to transition to adulthood when their families aren’t up to the task, either temporarily or permanently. Because her clients are facing one of the most difficult periods of life, Karim has to prepare for a whole host of challenges.

Karim once had a client who was eight months pregnant but didn’t want to tell her in fear that the young woman would be kicked out of the foster care system. It took a little time and some persistence from Karim, but the young woman eventually disclosed her pregnancy to Karim.



Merced County Health Benefit Advisory Committee Summary

Merced County Health Benefit Advisory Committee Summary

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