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AFSCME Local 2700 is composed of three chapters, Contra Costa County, Contra Costa Superior Courts, and Moraga - Orinda Fire District

New AFSCME campaign will grow the union by 50,000 members before the 2014 Convention in July. Read more >>>

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Local 2700 has signed up for members who want to particiapte in the PerksCard Network. Register now to save and/or earn cash back on purchases from Home Depot, Best Buy, and Kohls and more...  click here for enrollment. (pdf)


We are 1 600 clerical and technical workers employed by Contra Costa County. Our members are the people who work the front desks and perform back-office duties essential to the operation of all programs and ser vices provided to the residents of Contra Costa County. Some of the many programs and ser vices that we support are:

  •  voter and election ser vices
  • weatherization
  • public works
  • libraries
  • Covered California
  • building inspection
  • food stamps
  • MediCal
  • general assistance
  • Child Support Ser vices
  • CalWorks
  • hospital and clinics
  • probation
  • detention facilities
  • juvenile hall

Our loss in wages has been significant. We have taken a 2.7% reduction in wages along with 2 years of unpaid furloughs. During the same time period we have experienced a 9.8% increase in cost-of -living, a 1 3.6% increase in rental housing or a 9.1 % increase in housing costs, if we are fortunate enough to still own a home.

17% of our wages pay for mid-range f amily health & dental coverage and a huge percentage goes to pay mandatory retirement plans.

Our average take home pay is $2,200 per month but, one-third of us bring home around $1,200 a month. Many of our members are single parents with school-aged children who are struggling to feed and clothe their f amilies. We are the working poor and feel it's unfair for us to work and live in poverty. Currently, our union, AFSCME 2700, is in negotiations with the County for a new contract.
We need your help!

Show your support for us by contacting the Board of Supervisors at the contact information on this link. Tell them they cannot continue to short change these valuable employees who provide the vital ser vices to the residents and businesses in this community.

We need relief now!!!

We don't want to STRIKE but we will if we have to!!!

www.afscme57.org/local2700flyer (pdf)

click here for Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors


Last month’s employment figures are in, and things don’t look good. Read more >>>

Robbie Ann White is President of AFSCME Local 2700, AFL-CIO, which represents approximately 1600 clerical and technical county employees in Contra Costa County.  Read more about Robbie.


County won’t pay a nickel more for health care! 


Watch video United Affordable Healthcare

Informational Picket Video

Union members from Local 21, AFSCME, Local One, PDOCC, and SEIU joined together for an informational picket in support of affordable healthcare. Contra Costa County is last in health care in the entire Bay Area and the Board of Supervisors has forced employees and working families to pay all inflationary health care costs since 2009. 


Stay informed on updates.  read more


When most of us think of poverty, the image of an inner-city neighborhood immediately comes to mind. While this might have been an accurate image twenty years ago, it is no longer the case. The real numbers show that the majority of America’s poor now live in the suburbs. In fact, over the past ten years, poverty has actually grown twice as fast in the suburbs as in the central cities. Unfortunately, the infrastructure to address the needs of suburban poverty has failed to keep pace with this growth, and the face of the suburban poor is often unrecognized or invisible to their neighbors. read more


We are proud to re-introduce the TIELINE newsletter.  Members will receive it  by email. Please, be sure you keep us updated on your current email address by contacting the Local's office.  read more


by Olivia Sandbothe

Low-wage workers in certain federally funded jobs will see a much-needed pay increase, thanks to President Obama.

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