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AFSCME Local 257, representing nearly 1,000 classified blue-collar and white-collar employees who work at Oakland public schools, was chartered on October 19, 1939. Edwin Schwingen, Frank Harlow, Lewis Hostetter, A. E. Helgeson, C.B. Whitley, Herbert Cunningham, Charles Armstrong, C. H. Juan, R. M. Bryan, John Dvorak were the founding officers.

Since 1939, the Local has elected a total of four presidents. Edwin Schwingen served as president 1939 – 1978; Paul Schock served as president 1978 – 1986; Morris Tatum served as president 1997 – 2013; and since 2013 Sherman Phillips has served as president.

Comprised of custodians, nutrition service workers, paraeducators, LVNs and 504 Technicians, we pride ourselves on being committed to public service. We advocate for prosperity and opportunity for working families in the City of Oakland, as well as in California and throughout the country.

As a union, we stand firm on the belief that the power and dignity of working people will always prevail when we are united.

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 Maintaining membership in AFSCME Local 257 ensures that your voice is heard when communicating you’re your employer through collective bargaining and policy changes that may affect your wages, your rights, and your safety (just a few examples). You will have the right to vote on contract ratifications or rejections, who represents you at the bargaining table, and other contract enforcement matters.
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Thanks to years of putting pressure on the School District, it’s finally a new day for our members who take care of Oakland Unified’s most fragile students. AFSCME Local 257 recently entered into an agreement with the School District to stop contracting out nurses for special needs students. 


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