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AFSCME Ranger Shows Public Where Eagles Soar

AFSCME Local 2428 member Ranger Steve Diers hooks nature lovers up with eagles at Pardee Reservoir, as one of his many jobs with East Bay Regional Parks District. Read more about the Eagle Tour in Calaveras County


Check here for current negotiations update - more

We Couldn't Have Done it Without YOU!!


Thanks to the numerous volunteers that did phone banking and precinct walking to support our endorsed candidates. We appreciate all you do!

A special thanks to the volunteers that participated 5 times or more:
Local 10
: Louise Hulama, Richard Hull, Cheryl Phillips, Rodrigo Rodriguez, Veronna Simril; Local 146: Alma Hawkins, Belinda Malone, Sherry Moroz, Linda Tremble; Local 512: Nadine Peyrucain; Local 829: Rebecca Nassarre; Local 2428: Sharon Corkin, Dionisio Rosario; Local 2700: Octavia Bazile,Margaret Harris, David McGrath Wagner, Elizabeth Walker, Robbie White.

ATTENTION ALL AFSCME LOCALS: Please send pictures of your AFSCME election volunteers. We will add them to our collection of volunteers that contributed to a great success! Email your pictures to webmaster@ca.afscme57.org 

Help AFSCME Local 829 and Council 57 fight the unfair and misguided pension reform ballot measure in Menlo Park!
We'll precinct walk on the next three Saturdays.

Call 510-436-2254 for more information, or visit - No on L

AFL-CIO Executive Vice-President Arlene Holt Baker Returns to her California Roots to Help Us Fight!


AFSCME members were among the many health care reform advocates who marched on Sacramento on January 11th with other union members, medical students, nurses and others. Unless the legislature enacts a Single Payer model to provide health care for all, there will be no true health care reform.

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