Local 2428 East Bay Parks

Officers and Executive Board Members


President: Mark Pearson
Vice President: Eri Suzuki
Chief Steward: Kym Anderson
Treasurer: Aaron Roth 
Secretary: Sarah Miracle-Kyte
Sergeant at Arms: Meadow D'Arcy
E-Board at Large: 

  • Justin Neville
  • Ross Mitchell
  • Chris Newey


  • Xiaoning Huang (Jao-Ning Wong)
  • Nadine Vargas
  • Renee Patterson

C57 Delegates: 

  • Elaine Feemster
  • Erwin Lynch
  • Eric Nurse
  • Josh Sosine


  • Shawn Anderson
  • David Butler
  • Philip Coffin
  • Joseph Dedmon
  • Terry Dep
  • David Drueckhammer
  • Joseph Martines
  • Matthew McDonnell
  • Joseph Miller
  • Matthew Moore
  • Timothy Motley
  • Ilana Peterson
  • Lynne Philpott
  • Clifford Rocha
  • Justin Rockwell
  • Remy Rodriguez
  • Colin Ross
  • April Schultz
  • Brian Skinner
  • Robert Spencer
  • Britt Thorsnes

Business Agent, Sharon McAleavey

If you need to contact any of the Eboard members please send an email to local2428negotiations@gmail.com


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