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We are the more than 600 park district employees who are responsible for designing and maintaining park lands and trails; developing naturalist and stewardship programs; and providing fire protection and water safety at the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD).   more

"As a Council 57 Executive Board member, I would like to increase participation from the Locals. I believe a diversity of views can lead to better decision-making,” Suzuki said.   Read more >>>

“I supported ‘A Day Without a Woman’ with my sisters and brothers because many things need to get done in order for society to function well, and the people doing some of these jobs are not adequately valued or compensated. We strive for a fair and just society, so we fight when any person is devalued for their identity,” Suzuki said.  Read more >>>

As a whole, Local 2428 members put in an impressive number of shifts to make our political campaign a success. Read more >>>

“To me, it always seemed like a brave thing to do to go knocking on doors and talking to strangers,” Collins said. “Now that I’ve been doing it for a while, I not only feel closer to the larger East Bay community but I feel more confident striking up conversations with any stranger about any subject.”  Read more >>>

Local 2428 Financial Policies & Procedures

 Local 2428 Financial Policies and Procedures


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How to Contact a Steward
Steward operating areas are currently divided by Zone North and Zone South. Look for your park in the list to find your zone. The best service will be provided by the steward closest to your worksite, so try to contact them first. However, Firefighters and Lifeguards should always attempt to contact their designated steward since they will be more familiar with the particular issues involved with those jobs. If in doubt, contact any steward for proper referral.

June 2016 Steward List (pdf)


Membership Meetings and Calendar

Local 2428 membership meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month. The meetings begin at 7pm with dinner served at 6:30pm. All members of the Union are welcome. With your active participation, we can build power at the workplace, at the ballot box and the bargaining table. Hope to see you there!

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