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 If you missed the January 18 Political Summit at Council 36 headquarters, here is your chance to catch up to speed on the Orange County political landscape in 2014! Click here!

Change to Retirement Contribution

Recently your retirement contribution changed and this was due to the OCERS board that makes an adjustment every year in regards to an increase on the cost of retirement. As county employees we are notified on the payroll portal each year. This change is very different from the PEPRA changes that we are still currently negotiating. The OCERS yearly cost increase is not a negotiated amount.

Thank you,

Executive Board
Afscme local 2076

 Dear Local 2076 Members,

On June 3rd, the Primary Election will decide which two top vote getters advance to the General Election this November.

Your union, along with the local and statewide labor movement did the work of interviewing and endorsing candidates who are truly fighting to uplift workers and their families.

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 It was a busy year for our Union. Let’s review our work, our struggles, and our victories. Click here!

Workload Health and Safety Survey

 Dear ASAP Members:

By now you have all received the Workload Health and Safety Survey. It is crucial that you fill it out and return it to one of the Stewards on the list, (download the Officers and Stewards list here). If you do not know where to turn it in please contact your Chief Steward or any of the Executive Board members on the list.

Your information and participation is very important, as this is the only way we are able to let the agency know that the working conditions you are currently working under are not safe. Your health is the priority to us and no one should ever feel overwhelming stress or pressure during these hard times. We want to thank you in advance for supporting our efforts in making sure that you have all the tools needed and a working environment that is conducive to the work you do on a regular basis. Please remember to always take your lunch and other breaks. If needed, please notify your supervisor that you have a client, but are required to take your break. Management should be working with you as a team, not as a micro-manager.

We are here to support you and help insure safe working conditions. So please understand that is the reason your participation in collecting this data is so important.

Thank you,

AFSMCE Local 2076

 Download the August 2013 Bulletin

Local 2076 Bylaws

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Sandra Fox Sworn-in to District Council 36 Executive Board

Local 2076 President, Sandra Fox is sworn-in as Vice President of Orange County on the District Council 36 Executive Board.

Message From Your President

Sisters and Brothers –

You received a message today from Management which “reminds” us of our “work hours.”  The message was intended to try and intimidate you at a critical moment, right before our vigil and rally on Monday and Tuesday.

As long as you follow the guidelines in our contract (MOU), you are protected.

Remember: Management is sitting on $52 million in federal revenues that should be spent on critically needed “safety net” Social Services and staffing. This is a public embarassment. Already, the press and media know about our events and we have a great speaker lineup both days!

I urge each and every one of you to participate in our 6pm vigil May 6 and 8:30 am rally May 7 in front of the OC Board of Supervisors Building (Hall of Administration), 333 S Santa Ana Blvd.

It is critical that you take the appropriate release time to attend the rally during work hours. The rally on will be followed by a Board of Supervisors meeting and many of us will stay until 1pm before returning to work that day. We will be joined by clergy, concerned taxpayers and advocates for the poor.

We have our contact protections to back us up, and our First Amendment rights to march and speak out! Let’s show Management that their scare tactics won't work. We will grow even louder!

Have a great week end and see you all on Monday and Tuesday!

In solidarity,
Sandra Fox

A Rap Song for OC Eligibility Workers in Our Fight for a Fair Contract!
By Patricia Cortez, CAT Team Member

This is how we do it
It’s time to fight and we feel oright, the fight is here on the AFSCME side.
So I reach for my coworker and ash her what’s up? AFSCME 2076 needs to step this fight up!
Hit the door cuz we’re not paid yet
Workers on the line say, “Union go take it”
It feels so bad in the line let’s fight!
The managers and such making so much ain’t right
People at the top forget about the line… not right
You got to fight on before you go get paid
So put up your signs, put your green t’s on and let me here you say! Read more >>>

 AFSCME 2076 rank and file members organized and had the most volunteers of Locals during the Prop 32 campaign. They produced 10% of membership to volunteer from their small Local when the expectation from the California Labor Federation was merely 1.5%!

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Members Show Solidarity With "Go Green Thursday!"

Members throughout Local 2076 wore green on Thursday to show their solidarity!

Members Turn Out For General Membership Meeting!

On March 14, Local 2076 Members turn out for an informative meeting to discuss negotiation updates.

Thank you, Members of Local 2076, for your patience as your negotiating team continues to meet with County Management to produce equitable contracts.
“But why are negotiations taking so long?” you ask…

Here is the answer: It’s about TIME….

  • The Time we have given the County to look seriously at our contract proposals and our willingness to negotiate in good faith;
  • The Time we have given the County to recognize that our caseloads have literally doubled with the economic downturn – yet we are earning the same as before;

Download the flyer

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 Members of the 2076 Executive Board had lunch with Congresswomen Loretta Sanchez of the 46th District at her home in Santa Ana on March 3, 2013.

Go Green Thursdays Are Back!

Show Solidarity and wear green Thursdays!

GREEN= Assistance we provide to families
GREEN= Savings we bring to the County
GREEN= AFSCME Local 2076

Overtime Update

Please Ask your financial adviser or tax preparer how overtime may affect your Earned Income Tax Credit.

AFSCME reminds you that overtime paid at time and a half rate is for actual hours worked in excess of forty(40) hour workweek.

Jury duty, vacation time, sick time and County holidays taken during your forty hour (40) work week may only be eligible to earn straight overtime-not time and a half.

Governor Jerry Brown has released his budget for the upcoming 2013-14 Fiscal Year. Click the links below to download a pdf.

California Assembly Budget Committee Analysis

California Department of Finance Governor's Budget Summary

Governor Releases Budget for Fiscal Year 2013-14

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Over 300 Eligibility Workers Rally at Board of Supervisors Meeting and Moorlach said "Get Back to Work"

Santa Ana (Contract Action Team /CAT) – Tuesday morning, over 300 Eligibility Workers (EWs) rallied outside the Hall of Administration. EWs were chanting favorites such as “Hey-hey, ho-ho, All those lies have got to go!” and “What do we want? CONTRACT! When do we want it? NOW!” Others utilized their whistles to the beat of the chants, while many others held signs showing an array of messages. The Civic Center Plaza was flooded by a sea of green. CAT members wore white AFSCME t-shirts and wore berets. EWs then stretched their legs and got a little cardio by marching through the plaza in unison while chanting.

Download the CAT Times pdf here

Board of Supervisors Fact Sheet

Download the fact sheet here

AFSCME letter to Congresswomen Loretta Sanchez

Read the letter to Congresswomen Loretta Sanchez opposing the Pension Hybrid Plan in Orange County. Click here to download the letter.

A Message From Your President

Hello all,

I just want to say thank you for the tremendous show of support on a continuous basis. As I stated at our general membership meeting, we are positively moving forward. Moorlach has stated that there is room for movement in our wages, now we are waiting to see what the County's lead negotiator will submit to us across the table when we resume negotiations on Sept. 25th at 2:30 pm at 10 Civic Center Dr. in Santa Ana. We will continue to keep you informed along the way. Now more than ever, we need to remain united! Together we will win and united we will conquer!! We are all the Union! 

Proud to be your President,
Sandra Fox

'We Go On Because the Work Is Essential'

Orange County eligibility workers represented by AFSCME Local 2076 were in the press recently, describing the everyday trials and tribulations – as well as the great rewards – of their job. Local 2076 members are in the middle of fierce negotiations with County management, and have taken their message straight to the public in this story, published in the Voice of Orange County. Read all about it!

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Please fill out order and submit to afscme2076@yahoo.com! Hurry while they last!! Download the form here GO GREEN MACHINE!!!!

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A Message from Local 2076 President Sandra Fox

Make Sure We Can Reach You!

Especially now with contract negotiations starting up, it is very important that we have your current contact information so that you can stay in the loop, including your email/telephone/mailing address. Please make sure that your union Board has that information.

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