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Governor Releases Budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015

A message from our AFSCME California Legislative Leaders:

The spending plan by the governor does not translate to automatic restorations of prior year cuts. Consistent with his desire to promote fiscal restraint, the Governor presented to the California Legislature and the general public a “very measured” budget. At his press conference, the Governor stated that this year there is "good news in the fiscal stability and resources available for the state of California," but he also cited a need to move cautiously in order to pay off the state's "wall of debt."

In the coming weeks, the Senate and Assembly Committees will meet to review the Governor’s FY 2014-2015 Budget Proposal. During this process, AFSCME California PEOPLE intends to provide support for our affiliates, but strongly encourages you to take the lead on engaging your members in meeting with legislators in a coalition of unions and community based groups to drill down on issues of importance to our members and the community where they reside. To this end, our Sacramento office, conveniently located next to the State Capitol, is available for our affiliates to work from throughout the budget and legislative processes. Additionally, the state Assembly will hold its first budget meeting on January 16 (time and location to be determined.) The state Senate also will hold a budget meeting to review the governor’s plan. We encourage political directors to keep abreast of all legislative hearings which will be posted in the Assembly and Senate Daily Files.

Furthermore, in the coming days several public policy organizations and governmental agencies will provide summaries of Gov. Brown’s FY 2014-2015 budget proposal. Attached is the Assembly’s summary of the Governor’s budget, Speaker John A. Pérez’s statement regarding the budget release, a memorandum from the Judicial Court of California on the proposal’s impact, as well as County Welfare Directors Association analysis of the Governor's budget. In the coming days the sites listed below will post their specific analysis of the Governor’s spending plan. This information is crucial to your ability to communicate with our member, community partners and the general public to galvanize support for our position in Sacramento.

Relevant Summaries of the Budget:

Legislative Analyst’s Office – A non-partisan summary and analysis of the FY 2014-2015 Budget proposal. Visit

The best analysis of the proposed budget’s impact on the state’s 58 counties.

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