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AFSCME Local 800 is a union of, by, and for its members. All members are welcome to attend monthly Executive Board meetings: to meet the E-Board members; to see what goes on at the meetings; to ask questions and give input, whether you are a member of the E-Board or not. OUR NEXT EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING IS THURSDAY February 15, 5:30 PM, at the Jewish Federation building at 6505 Wilshire in Los Angeles. The Executive Board consists of members who volunteer their time, and we currently have vacancies, so consider becoming involved -- but as a member, you are invited to attend a meeting, whether or not your personal schedule has room for a once-a-month commitment.

If you are called into any meeting with management that you believe may result in discipline, including termination, you have the right to be represented by a Local 800 union officer, shop steward, or Union Representative from AFSCME District Council 36. This right is guaranteed by our Union Contract and by Federal labor law. In fact, the United States Supreme Court granted this right to union representation in the Weingarten Case. Here are your "Weingarten Rights": Read more >>>

Welcome to the website of AFSCME Local 800, Jewish Communal and Social Agency Employees. We are a local of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the largest union in the national labor federation, the AFL-CIO.

We represent 500 members in eight different Jewish communal agencies, including Fundraisers, Case Managers, Executive Assistants, Drivers, Social Workers, Pantry Managers, Bookkeepers, Janitors, Nursery School and Kindergarten Teachers, IT Specialists, (read more)

The articles on this site can be grouped into four major categories;

  1. Who we are and what we do
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  3. More on unions and the overall struggle to improve the lives of working people, whatever your job or career.
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Who We Are and What We Do

  • For an introduction, see the article “Welcome to Local 800: The Basics,” above.
  • See "Know Your Weingarten Rights," above.
  • For some of what Local 800 has achieved for its members, see "2016 Contract Victories," below, and, to the left, "What We Do: Member Wage Increases" and "What We Do: Protecting Member Rights on the Job."
  • For a sense of the ongoing life of the union, including more achievements for our members, see, to the left, "AFSCME Local 800 @ work:  a periodic newsletter."
  • See, below, "I have heard that the union ..." to get clarification on some common misconceptions.
  • The Membership Benefits page explains to you some of the perks of being a member of AFSCME International, with a variety of discounts and services. (read more)

There are a lot of misconceptions about the union.  Here are clarifications on three issues raised by some of our members:

#1 My supervisor told us that they cannot give us a raise because of the union.
The fact is that it is within the Employer's sole discretion to give merit increases, and they can even give raises that bring employees above the maximum pay for their job classification. If your supervisor says otherwise, a union representative will be happy to meet with the two of you and get the matter cleared up.

Read more >>>

This year AFSCME Local 800 concluded five successful contract negotiations, with eight of the nine bargaining units whose employees we represent.  Here we outline what we won -- and remember that good contract terms come from an intelligent, determined bargaining team backed by strong support and active participation from the membership. Read more >>>

Do you know about the proud legacy of our union?

It was founded more than half of a century ago when a group of Jewish Federation employees got tired of being mistreated and disrespected on the job.  Employees were being let go without any recourse or due process, and those who were left were feeling very vulnerable.

These employees, who were professional fundraisers for the Jewish Federation, were fiercely committed to their work and to serving the community. (read more)

 Local 800 is as diverse as the city of Los Angeles, with members of every religious and racial and ethnic background. There are some among us who  have found work in Jewish communal agencies because of our own ties to the Jewish tradition. That tradition, like other great traditions in the world's heritage, is a rich reservoir of struggles for justice (“tzedek” in Hebrew), with many stories and texts that refer to the rights and dignity of workers.

The Jewish communal agencies in our city were all founded based on high ideals, and (read more)


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