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Leaders of the state union coalition have reached agreement on a tentative framework that protects jobs and benefits, and provides signficant cost savings. Get all the facts, including summaries for hazardous duty, non-hazardous duty, FAQs on next steps, health care and Medicare Advantage and more.

Council 4 members helped fend off multiple attacks on workers' rights during the 2017 state legislative session.

Deonne Edmonds, daughter of Local 478's Shermaine Cooke-Edmonds, has won an AFSCME Family Scholarship. Check out her heartfelt essay.

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Use this site to find a wealth of Council 4 and AFSCME web-related resources, including our constitution, steward handbook, financial standards code and more.

Get the latest state employee updates on pensions, health care and other related issues.
Recent Updates:
Tentative Framework Agreement Reached
Information Bulletin for Laid Off Council 4 Members (5/15/17)
Survey for Laid Off Council 4 Members (5/15/17)

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